aum namo bhagavate rudraya

aum namaste rudra to your fury and namaha to your arrow
namaste to your bow and namaha to your arms.

with your most shiva-like arrow and shiva-like bow
and your shiva-like aim, rudra, you delight us.

you shiva-like rudra whose form shines beyond fear and evil
	with that form of peace do you gaze at us from the mountains.

when you release the arrow in your hand, mountain-dweller
	keep it shiva-like, don’t harm the people of the world.

with siva-like words do we beseech you, mountain-dweller
	make our world pleasant and free from illness.

that supreme voice who spoke the first words, that foremost divine healer
destroys all evil serpents and little demons.

in the precious red brown vermillion of the dawn
	are these rudras established in all directions
	let us avoid the wrath of these thousands

slithering and with a blue-colored neck
	this protector is seen among the people.

and having been seen in all beings in the world
	make us happy.